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I pray for an angel
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Bleach out all all the dark
I'll swallow each peroxide shot
Someone I'll know could love and save me from myself
Maybe I'll just clean the shit of these fancy shoes
I'll be a Princess Di and die with you
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"The color palette you chose and I’ll undress you."




Remember this? This is iconic

This is the best promotion she’s ever done let’s be quite honest

not just promotion but it really shows us that she knows 100% what everyone is saying about her and its almost inspiring seeing how strong she is about all of this

What if Lady Gaga had a personal Facebook?

In Fashion,  you know you have succeeded when there is an element of upset.

In Pop, you know you have succeeded when there is an element of crime.

@ladygaga: I just basically ate all the birthday cake I was suppose to eat last week but had shows so I dieted, it was so good. It was yummy yums.


Match #82

Lady Gaga for Vogue March 2011 by Mario Testino

I’ve always adored this editorial!

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Lady Gaga Paper Doll: Marilyn Style at AMA 2013 by DibuMadHatter

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